DragonPass continues to operate business as usual, however due to the ongoing global issue relating to Coronavirus and travel restrictions, please be aware that certain lounges, restaurants and spas offered by DragonPass may be suspended at short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Read more


How do I redeem my loyalty points for a lounge visit?

Simply choose your preferred lounge from the search function here then click the ‘Redeem Now’ button and complete the personal details form and fill in your URN then click 'Continue'.

Can I use my eCertificate more than once?

Your eCertificate is for a single use only.

How will I receive my eCertificate?

As soon as your order is confirmed and gone through successfully, you will be emailed your eCertificate which you can print off straight away. The email body will contain the eCertificate and a .pdf copy will also be attached. We suggest saving a copy to your computer as well as printing off a copy.

I don’t have a printer, what can I do?

Your eCertificate is generated in .pdf form. If you don’t have a printer you can email a copy to a friend or family member and ask them to print off a copy for you. Alternatively you can download a copy of your eCertificate to either or phone or tablet and show this upon arrival at the lounge instead of a paper copy.

I have lost my eCertificate, what can I do?

We recommend saving a copy of your eCertificate to your computer so you can re-print it if required. We also recommend that you save a copy to your phone or tablet. You can show your eCertificate on your phone or tablet at the lounge desk rather than a physical copy.  If you need to be sent another copy of your eCertificate please contact DragonPass.  Click here for the ‘Contact Us’ page.

What facilities can I expect in a lounge?

The facilities available in each lounge vary from lounge to lounge. However you can typically expect complementary food and drink, free WiFi access, comfortable seating and access to magazines and newspapers.

What is the policy regarding children in lounges?

You can find out each lounge’s policy regarding children on the lounge’s information page on this site prior to booking. You may be required to redeem additional eCertificates for children’s visits.

Do lounges operate dress codes?

Each lounge operates their own dress code. However you can typically expect to find a smart-casual dress code in most lounges. This may include restrictions on sports jerseys, ripped jeans and shorts.

What are the opening hours of lounges?

Opening hours vary from lounge to lounge. Our information pages on each lounge will allow you to view the opening times before booking your visit.

How long can I stay in the lounge for?

The length of your stay will vary from lounge to lounge and you will be able to check this before you book your lounge visit on the lounge information pages. You can typically expect 3 hours per stay.

Can I book a lounge visit for my friend?

Yes you may. However please note that when booking a lounge visit for someone else please ensure that you use their details when filling out the form.

What happens if the lounge is full and I am unable to enter?

If the lounge has no availability you can save your eCertificate for another journey as they are valid for one year from date of redemption.  You can also use the eCertificate on your return journey if we have a lounge available at that airport.

Where can I find the lounges within the airport?

You can find our lounge search function here. If you click on your selected lounge you will find its location within the airport and the facilities available at the lounge.

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